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Building a Budget for Community Engagement

Budgets can vary wildly for community engagement, depending upon the length of the project and the number of moving parts involved.  And, just like you expect to pay fees for the artists you present, you should expect to pay fees to the teaching artists and community animateurs who will facilitate your community engagement activity.

Samples of expenses that you might expect to include in your project:

  • Artist Fees and travel
  • Physical space rental
  • Copying and other office supplies
  • materials, props, hires or other resources
  • additional staff time costs
  • additional training costs
  • evaluation, photography and film documention

For more budget information, the IDEA BOX has basic budget summaries along with the descriptions of community engagement initiatives.  


Crazy Smooth - Bboyizm


cj fleury


Why - community engagement with youth and community Choreographer Keira Martin

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