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The Presenter and Community Engagement

Defining and Learning About Your Community

The notion of community can be loosely defined as a group of people united by at least one common characteristic.   

Learning about your community is an important step in preparing your organization for community engagement. There are many different tools to use to help you learn more.

Building the Vision

Community engagement is not “business as usual” and it will be the work of the community engagement team to articulate the principles and values that will be the foundation of your community engagement practice.  These principles and values will evolve over time as you build your vision


Finding Community Partners

To find community partners, you will exercise your curiosity and go out and about.   


Building the Team: Activate, Motivate and Inspire

It starts inside - are your board, staff, and volunteers ready to get involved in facilitating engagement experiences?

The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships are the fuel for community engagement for arts organizations.


Karen Kaeja - Green in the loveliest way


cj fleury


Will Weigler - community based theatre

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