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All Projects Begin with an Idea

Embracing community engagement is a long-term, multi-year organizational strategy, not a short-term program. But opportunity for engagement can be around any corner when you listen and learn. Below is an interview with Sam Varteniuk, General Manager of The Registry Theatre in Kitchener about his experience involving artists in a neighbourhood as part of their community engagement approach -  Kaeja d'Dance's Porch View Dances.  


Here is a little inspiration from The Theatre Centre - A New Live Arts Hub and Incubator in Toronto highlighting their community engagement approach in the neighbourhood. This video was created by Chloë Ellingson, a documentary photographer and filmmaker.

Here is another short film featuring Porch View Dances a community engagement project of Kaeja d'Dance.

Porch View Dances Trailer 2015


Types of Community Engagement Initiatives

Community arts projects, issues driven initiatives, art-centered projects: there are many different types of community engagement initiatives presenters can consider. Below is a video with Nadine Villasin Feldman, Community Animateur & Shana Hillman, General Manager at Kaeja d'Dance.


Step by Step

Responsibilities of the Presenter and the Artist

Community Engagement Finances

Funding community engagement and building a budget


Documenting your project along the way is an important tool for evaluation and for promoting the project


It is important to monitor and evaluate the process and outcomes of your community engagement projects


Crazy Smooth - Bboyizm


Kala Seraphin - Kingston, Ontario


Heritage Engagement

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