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Intersection Dance - Burlington

Sep 21, 2016

"The Burlington Performing Arts Centre hosted events outdoors on our Plaza called Intersection Dance. These events had a wonderful community spirit and captured the interest of many passersby. People were dancing with people they had just met and people they knew well, outside in the sunshine. There was a felt joy and appreciation from all for the opportunity to dance."  Megan English  Dance Animator

Megan English is the dance animator at Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Ontario. The project 'Intersection Dance' took place mainly with community groups, dance companies and artists, passers by and local dance schools and networks. Activity took place mainly on The Plaza, outside the main BPAC in Burlington, Ontario. Dance companies involved included; Learie McNicolls and Dancers, Lua Shayenne and Company and Form Contemporary Dance. Local dance collective, Halton Dance Network joined in bringing dancers from Burlington, Milton and Oakville who took part in creating work with some of the profesional dance companies.

This short film highlights 'Intersection dance' and can be found here:





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