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Defining Community

Community is a fluid concept and one person’s definition may not match another person’s definition.  Essentially, the notion of community can be loosely defined as a group of people united by at least one common characteristic. 

Communities can be defined by: 

  • A shared interest or experience (ie. bicycling, motherhood);
  • A geographic area;
  • Innate personal characteristics (ie. age, gender, race, ethnicity);
  • Values (ie. religion)

How are you defining community for your organization?  By a neighbourhood or section of the city? By specific demographic characteristics such as youth, seniors or families? Often, defining your community begins with clarifying the geography of the market you currently serve and could serve, followed by an understanding of the demographics or characteristics within that geography.


Megan English - Community Engagement with dance


Case Study: The Ontario Shebang


Karen Kaeja - Green in the loveliest way

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