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A Vision and a Legacy: Next Stage Arts Project seeks to build community through the performing arts

This article tells the inspiring story of the Next Stage Arts Project in Putney, Vermont. After the community came together to create an arts hub in a vacant historic church, an art project was created that focuses on community projects and creative placemaking:

"For example, Next Stage worked on a multi-generational performance project in collaboration with a southern theater company, Race Peace, along with Sandglass Theater, an internationally recognized theater in Putney known for its puppetry. Together, they offered training workshops involving story circles designed to address the complexities of personal and institutional racism in a safe space. The training received rave reviews from participants, including the chief of police.

Now, Next Stage and other performing arts centers serve as a national model demonstrating how a small, local theater can foster social change and community cohesion through the performing arts."

Read more about the project here


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