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The Resource Centre provides a list of books, useful web sites, research papers and reports, that give the most recent information and examples of community engagement in the arts and other areas.  

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This section will be frequently updated with new information when it becomes available. 

Starting an article by suggesting that arts charities are becoming "organizational dinosaurs with models not fit for purpose" was always going to be provocative! Continue Reading...
In this article The Guardian theatre critic Lynn Gardiner makes a compelling argument for the need for arts institutions to change the way that they relate to their communities, drawing on several examples of innovative British arts organizations: Continue Reading...
Well-meaning organizations sometimes have a tendency to charge ahead with a community project without stopping to listen to what the community wants or needs. Continue Reading...
Doug Borwick is a US-based artist, arts administrator, and leading advocate for community engagement in the arts. He has authored numerous useful resources on this subject:   Continue Reading...
This toolkit provides guidance on the issues to consider when planning and designing a community engagement project. Continue Reading...
This report, put together by the All-Party Parliamentary group on Arts, Health, and Wellbeing in the UK, "aims to improve awareness of the benefits that the arts can bring to health and wellbeing." Continue Reading...
"This think-piece by Chrissie Tiller unearths and explores some of the complexities and challenges of sharing power, drawing on thinking from CPP directors, community managers and other team members, artists and project critical friends. Continue Reading...
Resources about the outcomes of community engagement projects - the impact or changes on presenters, artists, participants, communities. Continue Reading...


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